Capital of the United Arab Emirates and the largest emirate in the country with more than 1.6 million inhabitants. Abu Dhabi is a harmonious combination of elegant central areas, eternal Bedouin settlements, surrounding mountains, deserts and beaches of sand. In keeping with its status as the economic and political center of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi's state-of-the-art infrastructure blends seamlessly with commercial and tourism activities. This city is the richest in the world after one of the largest oil reserves on the planet was found about 50 years ago. But despite having this wealth, it has not been until recent years when the sheikhs and the government have invested large amounts of money in building tourist attractions. You can go shopping in luxury shopping centers to traditional bazaars, enjoy kilometers of golden beaches, rest in the city parks, dine in the best restaurants or go on a unique desert safari. These are its most notable tourist attractions:- The Sheikh Zayed Mosque: the largest in the country and considered one of the wonders of the modern world. Built between 1996 and 2007, this mosque is made of white marble and has four minarets that exceed 100 meters in height. The interior has a large patio decorated with mosaics, the largest handmade rug in the world and lamps plated with gold and Swarovski crystals. Entry to the mosque is free for everyone, but you must comply with the rules of wearing long pants for men, a scarf that covers the hair for women, as well as loose clothing that covers legs and arms.- The Louvre Abu Dhabi: The Louvre, inaugurated in 2017, was the work of the French architect Jean Nouvel, this architectural wonder impresses with its apparently floating steel dome, which It allows sunlight to filter in, creating a sea of stars. Inside you will find works by great masters on loan from several French museums such as the D'Orsay Museum and the Louvre in Paris.- Corniche: stroll at sunset along Corniche Avenue and end the day with a relaxing swim on its public beach. This endless 8-kilometer promenade has a marked path for walking or playing sports, where there are also shaded areas to rest, parks and stalls to have a drink or eat. In the middle of the promenade is Corniche Beach, a public beach where you can swim with views of what was the tallest flag in the world at 122 meters high and the dome of the Abu Dhabi theater. - Abu Dhabi theme parks: They are located on Yas Island, and among the most recommended are: Ferrari World (it is the largest indoor theme park in the world and is dedicated to the Italian brand Ferrari), Warner Bros World and the Yas Waterworld (water amusement park). - Al Ain: known as the Garden City, located near the border with Oman, stands out for preserving its traditional Arab architecture with low-rise buildings. Among the tourist attractions of this historic city full of parks scattered by several oases, are the popular camel market (not held on Mondays), the Sheikh Zayed Palace, the Al Ain Oasis, the Al Ain National Museum and the Al Jahili Fort.

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