It is a region in the extreme southeast of the Republic of Senegal. The capital has the same name as the region. This region was created in February 2008 after separating it from the Tambacounda region, along with the Kaffrine and Séidou regions.The Kédougou region is mainly the home of the Bassari, although other ethnicities also coexist. like the Bedik or the Fulani, all of them understand that the entire area is a unique place and home that must be shared among all ethnic groups, regardless of what legislative impositions dictate.The capital of Kédougou, which has the same name, is distributed around an urban center in which the main infrastructures of the area can be found. Around this center we can find a series of more isolated villages, which have a small population and extremely basic means of subsistence, since only in the heart of Kédougou can manufactured goods such as clothing, certain foods, tools, etc. be obtained. This implies that the inhabitants of peripheral villages have to travel to the capital to carry out any task that is not related to agriculture or livestock.

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