It is a mountainous city known for its hot spring resorts (onsen) and the stunning views of the iconic volcanic Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776 meters high, located in the east of the country at the foot of the Mount Pass. Hakone. It has a large number of museums, very well preserved nature and offers numerous possibilities for outdoor activities related to nature or history. It is also famous for its volcanic hot springs. The cherry blossoms (Sakura) in April and the Miscanthus sinensis (Susuki) in the fall make up some very beautiful panoramas in the parks at that time.If you have time, we recommend visiting the following places: - Lake Ashi: Also known as Lake Hakone, it is a crater lake known for its spas and views of Mount Fuji located nearby. along the southwest caldera wall of Mount Hakone. You can take boat rides on it. Its attractions include the volcanically active geysers of Owakudani, the Sanctuary and the Wetland Botanical Garden.- Hakone Shrine: It is a sanctuary Japanese Shinto temple on the shores of Lake Ashi that was originally built on top of Mount Hakone's Komagatake Peak. In 1667 it was moved to the shores of the lake and its present form also dates from that year. In the Kamakura period, it was popular among samurai. It was burned by Toyotomi Hideyoshi's forces during the Battle of Odawara and rebuilt by Tokugawa Ieyasu.- Hakone Open Air Museum: It is a outdoor sculpture gallery. It covers 70,000 square meters and offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. It opened in 1969 and was the first open-air museum in the country. It has 120 sculptures by Japanese artists and other countries. One of the largest, the Symphony Sculpture, is a giant tower-shaped glass sculpture that can be climbed to a platform to enjoy magnificent views of the museum grounds. It has a pavilion with a Picasso exhibition that bears his name with 319 works such as oil paintings, engravings, sculptures, ceramics and gold objects. Another point of greatest interest is the Glass Forest Museum where you can admire glass trees with delicate leaves and flowers, glass bridges and works by world-renowned craftsman Dale Chihuly, among others.

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