It is an oasis in southern Tunisia located on the edge of the Great Eastern Erg. Recognized for being the southernmost of the Tunisian oases and one of the gateways to the Tunisian Sahara. It is fed by a source of hot water in which you can take a bath with supposed thermal virtues. It houses about 50 now sedentary families, previously nomadic, who live from date palm agriculture, goat and sheep breeding, and an increasingly important tourist activity. For tourism, several activities are offered: quads, motorcycling, horseback riding or camel riding. Tourists can enjoy the sandy landscapes while enjoying the relative coolness of the oasis and the convenience of swimming in a hot spring (as nights in the desert can be cooler). This oasis served as the setting for several scenes in The English Patient. In 2010, a Martian meteorite fell near the oasis. It was analyzed and approved as an official meteorite under the name Ksar Ghilane 002.

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