Cafayate is a town in the province of Salta, in northwest Argentina. It is located in the area of ​​the Calchaquíes valleys and is famous for its reddish rock formations.Crossed by National Route 40, Cafayate and its surroundings are famous for their vineyards, excellent wines, and wineries where they grow Torrontés type grape.Cafayate is the most important city within the tourist circuit of the Calchaquí Valleys. It still preserves the characteristics of its colonial architecture, its streets and its church. A particular attraction is the corn mill from the 13th century, made by the Jesuits.Among its tourist attractions, both cultural and natural, the following stand out: Museum of the Vine and Wine (where the process is explained processing); Regional and Archaeological Museum (where objects from local excavations are exhibited); Paseo de los Artesanos in front of the main square; Chuscha River, recognized for the beauty of its landscape; its regional gastronomy; the Quebrada de las Conchas or Quebrada de Cafayate and nearby towns such as Tolombón, among others.In the month of February, the traditional Serenade to Cafayate is held, where artists from the folkloric field gather; This festival is considered the most important in the province of Salta and one of the most outstanding in the country.

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