Purmamarca is a town in the province of Jujuy, in northwestern Argentina, with a beautiful setting that is well worth a visit. It is located at the foot of an impressive multicolored mountain called the Hill of Seven Colors. From the town, the Paseo de los Colorados leads to the surrounding desert landscapes, from where it is possible to enjoy views of the mountain. The streets are flanked by adobe houses and in the 9 de Julio square there is a popular crafts market. Nearby is the century-old church of Santa Rosa de Lima, from where its urban layout begins.Perhaps it is the most picturesque town in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, although geographically it belongs to another transverse ravine of the same name surrounded by multicolored saws. The wide Quebrada de Purmamarca resembles a great valley in front of the Rio Grande. Cardones are typical of the ecosystem of the hills and give their own characteristic to the region.This town located between multicolored mountains, declared a National Historic Site, in addition to its beauty offers an ideal location to travel to the most prominent destinations and attractions in the province of Jujuy.

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