Head of the municipality of the same name and the most populated city in the State of Veracruz, surpassing Xalapa, the state capital.It has an important commercial seaport, known as “The Door from Mexico to the World” and which is and has been the most important in the country from its beginnings in the viceregal era until the current era. For 250 years it was the only port through which goods could enter and leave Continental America towards Europe.The city is located in the region where the Spanish landed on “Tierra Firme” to undertake the conquest from Tenochtitlan. In addition, she has received the designation of Four Times Heroic by presidential decree, as a result of having faced four different foreign invasions.In 1518 the Spanish captain Juan de Grijalva arrived at the islet that he called San Juan de Ulúa. Historically, the city was founded by Hernán Cortés, Francisco de Montejo and Alonso Hernández Portocarrero with the name of Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz on April 22, 1519 on the beaches that were in front of the islet of San Juan de Ulúa, called Chalchihuecan. The city became the First Town Hall in continental America and one of the first cities to be founded by Europeans in all of continental America.Currently, its inhabitants receive visitors with affectionate treatment, In Mexico they are known as “jarochos”, always ready to shake hands and give a warm welcome to everyone who visits the city.The traditional music of the city is danzón and son, salsa , the marimba, the Internacional Bamba, and wind music.Veracruz artisans make a wide variety of decorative figures, using wood, shells and sea snails as raw materials, among which the boats, masks, sailboats, necklaces, jewelry, bracelets and earrings. They also make typical crafts from the region such as piggy banks and figurines made from coconut bark.

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