It is an artificial lake created in the middle basin of the Nile River. Located to the south, it extends as far as the border with Sudan. Lake Nasser is called only the part that is in Egyptian territory, in honor of President Gamal Abdel Nasser who devised the controversial dam project and which occupies 83 % of the total surface, while the Sudanese prefer to call Lake Nasser  its part Lake Nubia. This lake is the result of the construction of the Aswan Dam between 1958 and 1970. It measures approximately 550 kilometers long and 35 kilometers wide at its widest point, near the Tropic of Cancer, occupying a total area of 5,250 km². With these dimensions, it is one of the largest artificial and navigable lakes in the world.Several places with important Nubian archaeological remains were dismantled block by block and moved to higher locations, highlighting among them the complex of Abu Simbel. One of the charms of this lake is being able to navigate in the middle of the desert surrounded by water, a contrast that makes you fall in love and offers the most beautiful sunsets one can imagine. Another of the lake's charms is discovering the fauna that has adapted to this creation of man, which, after all, has been a miracle for life in the desert. Likewise, sailing on Lake Nasser offers you the possibility of disembarking in remote places in the middle of a sand desert, with large dunes and inhospitable landscapes, and on small beaches where you can dive to cool off.

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