It is a tourist city located on a steep hill, in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, at the end of southern Patagonia, nicknamed “The End of the World” or as some call it “The Beginning of Everything”. It is surrounded by the sea and the mountains; a place from where you can see the colors and immensity of nature present in the city in its glacial valleys, peat bogs and ancient forests. Nearby are the Martial mountains and the Beagle channel. It is an access route to the cruises to Antarctica and to the tours near Yécapasela Island, known as "Penguin Island" for its colonies of this species.If you have time, we recommend you complete your tour around the area visiting one of these places:- Beagle Channel: Also known as “Canal Onachaga” which in the Yámana language means hunters channel or onas channel. It has great biodiversity, history and amazing landscapes such as the Beagle islands, some inhabited by cormorants, penguins and sea lions, and reaching the emblematic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.- Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Eclaireurs: It is located a few nautical miles from the city. It is often confused with the End of the World Lighthouse, located on the Isla de los Estados, more than 200 kilometers from the city. Kayak or canoe excursions in this place are ideal for experiencing the sea up close and delving into the corners that make up this particular and impressive geography. The cold and its bravery can be intimidating when diving into these waters, but the reward is worth it: sea urchins, starfish, octopus and spider crabs among forests of macroalgae, hide like treasures under the surface. Always with special suits for low temperatures and throughout the year, diving is an activity that is gaining more and more popularity.- Puerto Almanza: Located 75 kilometers from the city, it is a fishing village dedicated to spider crabs and shellfish. It offers a wide gastronomic offer with local products and various activities to enjoy the Beagle.- Maritime Museum and the Presidio: It is located in the building of the Former Prison or Jail for Repeat Offenders of Tierra del Fuego, where the most dangerous criminals were confined for their recidivism. It houses four museums: Maritime, it has a collection of naval models and models, everything related to the history of Tierra del Fuego; from the Presidio, where information is learned about the first prison in Tierra del Fuego; Antarctic, has 19 rooms with the richest collection of preserved Antarctic historical and biological materials; and Marine Art, with a selection of works of art by marine and port artists.

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