Located in the north of the country, it is part of its natural and cultural heritage. Here you can find rich aquatic, terrestrial, mountainous and coastal ecosystems, in whose territories life flourishes in all its exuberance. Its incomparable beauty in landscapes that offer a warm atmosphere, as well as its fertile nature, have made it one of the most visited places by local and international tourism. Along its coastline, you can enjoy numerous beaches, as well as various attractions such as the spectacular arrival of olive ridley turtles in the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, or the nesting of the leatherback turtle in the Las Baulas National Marine Park, the estuaries and mangroves in the southern part, and the volcanoes in the northern part, where you can enjoy hot springs and various activities. The mangroves are in an excellent state of conservation and are ideal sites for observing birds and other types of fauna, as well as for practicing light sports such as kayaking. It has three main tourist centers: Liberia, Santa Cruz and Nicoya, as well as secondary tourist centers such as El Coco, Tamarindo and Flamingo.

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