It is a city located in south-central British Columbia in Canada. It was established in 1893 with about 500 residents and after the arrival of Canadian National in 1912, it became a major transportation hub. This city promotes itself as the “Tournament Capital of Canada.” It hosts more than 100 sports tournaments each year in hockey, baseball, curling, etc., in world-class sports facilities such as the Tournament Capital Center. The city's economy is supported by healthcare, tourism, education, transportation, and natural resource extraction industries. In relation to tourism, each year it receives almost 2,000,000 visitors, generating many types of income for the region. Kamloops is an outdoor mecca for activities like hiking and mountain biking, with an extensive network of trails for year-round adventures and multiple nearby lakes for paddleboarding, kayaking, and fishing. In addition, it has the largest number of golf courses per capita in Canada.The places most in demand by tourists who visit Kamloops are:- Sun Peaks Resort:It is a ski resort located 45 minutes drive northeast of Kamloops. It has a skiable area of 16 square kilometers that allows you to enjoy skiing at its best. Particularly popular with families, it has the second largest ski area in Canada (behind Whistler Ski Resort) with over 130 runs divided 10% beginner, 58% intermediate and 32% advanced/expert level.- British Columbia Zoo: This wild park is one of the best places to see in the city. It is spread over an area of half a square kilometer and is said to have the largest facility for breeding owls. It was created in 1965 and currently has a wildlife rehabilitation center. There you can see more than 200 animals in different habitats.- Kamloops Heritage Railway: In Kamloops you can visit an old steam train and enjoy a trip in it. This train is pulled by a Canadian National Railway locomotive 2141, also known as the Spirit of Kamloops, it is the only one of its kind left and has been restored for 10 years. It consists of a locomotive, passenger car, cafeteria and caboose.

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