It is a tourist area of Mexico, located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, which extends for about 210 kilometers along the coast, from the town of Puerto Morelos in the north, to the town of Punta Allen in the south. It was originally inhabited by the Mayan people since 200 BC. The relief along the coast is flat (with the exception of the archaeological site of Tulum) and covered with a dry semitropical forest or low mangrove. This coastline offers magnificent ranges of sand crisscrossed by coral rocks. Its waters are transparent and turquoise and in them, you can see fish of all colors. The region is geologically formed by an immense limestone plateau. This rock has the particularity of being permeable; numerous networks of caves and underground galleries were created over time. Because the water table was quite high, the caves were filled with water to form what are called "cenotes" in Mexico. Some are accessible to the public for swimming, snorkeling or caving.

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