Known as the “Sin City” or “Entertainment Capital of the World”, it is the largest in the state of Nevada. Its main tourist attraction are the casinos, the hotels recreating countries and cities of the world such as Egypt, Paris or Venice, as well as its large shopping and leisure areas. The number of tourists (both national and international) that it receives is so high that during the holiday season the number is equal to the number of inhabitants. Its glamorous and full of life image has helped to make it more and more famous, in addition to having served as the setting for several movies and series. In short, it is the city in the United States that has grown the most. In addition to all this, one of the most emblematic points of the city is the welcome sign to the city "Welcome to Fabolous Las Vegas" created in 1959.When The Mirage hotel opened its doors in 1989 a phase of construction began that moved away from the center of the city towards the area known as the Las Vegas Strip. This resulted in a drop in tourism from which the downtown area is still recovering. This area, currently with large abandoned buildings, denotes an active past, but today it is occupied by people without resources who clearly populate the streets of today's downtown. Between the Strip and downtown is the area of Fremont with casinos and an already outdated shopping center that contrasts its decadence with the spectacular area of the Strip where the grandiose and brutal spectacularity of the hotels from the north beginning of the luxurious Wynn complex and Encore almost to the airport crossing Las Vegas Boulevard, where Mandalay Bay is located, it is a unique walk and worth visiting. It could be considered a thematic city of entertainment and entertainment where shopping is also an undoubted source of income with the famous outlets to the north and south of the city and the large shopping centers or the impressive shopping areas of the hotels themselves where the from Bellagio or the forum shop from Caesar's Palace or the Venetian and Palazzo, authentic shopping centers, which, being inside the hotels, would put commercial areas like the very Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in trouble.

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