It is a sovereign country located in western South America. Its territory extends across the Pacific Ocean and is made up of diverse landscapes: the valleys, plateaus and high peaks of the Andes extend to the west towards the desert coast, from the north to the southeast of the country and the east towards the immense Amazon. It is one of the countries with the greatest biological diversity and greatest mineral resources on the planet. A magical and ancient country, which has a diversity and wealth that is uncommon in the world and offers visitors infinite alternatives and the possibility of living a unique experience that includes: history, culture, nature, adventure and much more. Although the word Peru inevitably and almost immediately evokes the images of Machu Picchu and the Empire founded by the Incas, along its paths it is possible to discover the impressive archaeological heritage inherited by older civilizations that bear witness to their art, customs, rites and development. The Inca civilization emerged rather late in the process of cultural development of the pre-Hispanic Andes and its history occupies just one century within the 20 thousand years of the presence of man in this territory.

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